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For most of us, a meal is possibly the best break we can wish for in our daily routines. And especially when we can enjoy it in the company of others.
The hectic lives of most of us may lure us more than is good for us to a fast meal. And often we have no -nutritional- information on this, which may not always be healthy. We have often no idea of the (amount of) additives in the food or the fat used for deep-fried foods. And for Western and Indian cuisine, we may only guess the cream content. Cream, which -chefs generally say- makes every dish taste good!

If you are going to eat with friends, consider inviting them to your home for a self-cooked meal. Or maybe even one of your friends would like to make a dish together!
I find ultimate relaxation in the kitchen making nice dishes.  This includes making basic sauces, yoghurt, bread and beer.

But apart from recipes, this website features separate chapters on background knowledge as well as on cooking and preparation techniques. One chapter discusses eating and drinking healthy. This can raise awareness and debunk some of the myths that exist around these topics. A variety of other topics are offered as well.

My sincere objective is to get you lured to the kitchen more often. Make more of those nice tasting dishes of which you know what it contains. Enjoy the food alone, with your partner, family or friends! On top of that, cooking can be very relaxing!
Finally, this website is not a diet instruction or a path to lose weight.  But the combination of healthy but good food taken in by moderation, enjoyed with others and in combination with regular and good exercise, is the best way to keep healthy and fit!

~ The Chef

Wilfried ©️Nel Brouwer-van den Bergh

The Chef’s motto

Cooking requires confident guesswork and improvisation– experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way

~ Paul Theroux, American novelist

The Chef

Dutch born Wilfried Brouwer is passionate about cooking. The many styles and traditions to make tasty and palatable food he encountered in the over 45 countries he visited, intrigue him. Chef Wilfried is educated in chemistry, but he traded lab experiments for business jobs in his mid-thirties. He believes the kitchen provides a ground for endless experimentation and relaxation, before having a good time with guests.

Wilfried tries to understand why things work as they do for his recipes and provides comments on the best method to use for preparation. And he talks about taste and health issues in relation to preparing and consuming food, without being religious about it.
He has lived abroad almost half his life, of which over 25 years in China and currently in Hong Kong, at China’s southern tip.

The Photographer and Sounding board

Nel van den Bergh is Wilfried’s wife and has copyright to the pictures used throughout this website and serves (as always) as a perfect sounding board for comments on the food and dishes. In short, a sounding board that reflects and talks back.