The drive to publish this website comes foremost from a desire to share delicious recipes from many regions and cultures, as many requested this.  But also from a light frustration over the many websites that publish confusing information about health and food. Often these go uncensored and with a commercial aim. And the numerous scientific publications on the relationship between diet and disease add to the confusion. Confusion about healthy and less healthy ingredients and cooking methods. The special Knowledge and How sections are meant to address this.

We aim to make an unbiased and meaningful contribution to the healthy food debate. But more so we offer delicious recipes that can provide utmost relaxation in the kitchen and with guests. We will gradually load the database with recipes. We provide free access to any reader of good will and do so without ads.

The request of

If you think this website is worthy of sharing with others, please inform your friends or contacts of the URL: Thank you!

The support

Nel van den Bergh made the pictures and owns the copyrights to these. She also is a sounding board that reflects and speaks back regarding this website and also in our private lives.
Our son Daniel inspired to creative cooking.
Nicol van den Hurk provided numerous editorial comments.

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Anita van Kempen from vormdeLight built this website in wordpress.this website is build by Anita van Kempen from vormdeLight

Disclosure of affiliations

The creation of this website took place without any sponsorship from or interests linked to stakeholders in the debate about diets, food, disease and health. Wilfried Brouwer also has no sponsorships from or affiliations with any such stakeholders.