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Chef Wilfried:

Chef Wilfried: For most of us, a meal is possibly the best break we can wish for in our daily routines. Specially when we can enjoy it in the company of others.

Winter & Festive recipes

Almond Paste

Almond paste is the main ingredient in 'banketstaaf', a Dutch pastry but also appears in Christmas stollen and other premium raisin breads. The main ingredients are almond meal and (fine) crystal sugar. The almond paste is not to be confused with marzipan, which is also [...]

Caramelized Onions

Caramelized onions provide a completely different taste and smell pallet from raw onions. The penetrating smell of mercaptans (Organo sulfur compounds) has disappeared. And the proteins that carry methionine and cysteine that causes our eyes to trigger an enzymatic reaction and make us cry [...]

Celeriac with mushroom and leek

Celeriac is a fantastic vegetable. You can eat it raw (in salads), bake it, steam, boil or fry it. And while displaying a wonderful flavor, it also contains lots of vitamins. Celeriac is a great source of Vitamin K, C and B6. It is also [...]

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