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Chef Wilfried:

Chef Wilfried: For most of us, a meal is possibly the best break we can wish for in our daily routines. Specially when we can enjoy it in the company of others.

Winter & Festive recipes

Dutch ‘banketstaaf’

Traditionally, Dutch 'banketstaaf' is eaten on the occasion of the birthday of Saint Nicolas, december 6th.  This is a tradition going back to the 3rd century AD.  And did you know that Santa Claus and his sled have been derived from this folk festival? In [...]

Fennel Salad with grilled cherry tomatoes

This healthy, crispy fennel salad with grilled cherry tomatoes is a typical example of a fall and winter salad. The soft hints of licorice combine well with the intense sweetness of the roasted cherry tomatoes. The creaminess of the yogurt dressing and nuts -if [...]

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