Caramelized Fig and Orange Salad

By |2024-04-05T17:08:45+08:0017 March 2024|Categories: Late Summer and Fall, Recipes, Salads, Vegetarian|Tags: , , , , |

Caramelized fig and orange salad is one of those special salads that pair excellently with spicy food.  The partially caramelized  juices of the figs [...]

Caramelized Onion Soup in Mushroom Broth

By |2022-11-14T21:38:48+08:0012 November 2022|Categories: Broth & Soup, Quick, Recipes, Vegetarian|Tags: , , |

Caramelized onion soup in mushroom broth is a delicious, vegetarian soup. It is virtually impossible to determine that the broth is of purely vegan [...]

Caramelized Onions

By |2022-11-11T21:25:28+08:0011 November 2022|Categories: Food base essentials, Recipes, Vegetables & Legumes, Vegetarian, Winter and Festive Season|Tags: , |

Caramelized onions provide a completely different taste and smell pallet from raw onions. The penetrating smell of mercaptans (Organo sulfur compounds) has disappeared. And [...]

Whole wheat rye sourdough bread with figs and hazelnuts

By |2024-02-26T16:59:20+08:0026 July 2021|Categories: Dough, Pasta & Bread, Recipes, Vegetarian|Tags: , , |

This whole wheat rye sourdough bread with hazelnuts and figs is delicious.  Using a sourdough starter enables you to play around with the level of [...]

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