Introduction to ‘Knowledge’

For most of you, the recipes posted elsewhere on this site may be the main driver to visit this site. If so: excellent!  However, I feel a strong sense of scientific duty to provide more information on the topic ‘eating and drinking healthy’. Hereby foundation to statements is provided using links to references of scientific papers.

Especially worthwhile may be the sections on ‘Fats’ and ‘Cholesterol’, reflecting the gradual change in expert opinions.

Also I have tried to make a little chemistry available to you reg..arding what is happening from a chemical point of view while you cook or prepare your food in the section ‘Food chemistry in action when we cook’.

And you also can find background sections on ‘taste’ and on the fascinating topic of foods that actually improve in taste when you let them sit for a while, or in some cases months or years (‘Food storage and taste’).

Finally a section on measures and weights, to help clarify how cups, tablespoons and teaspoons relate to milliliters and grams